Top 100 electronic

A future countdown: Larry Peach's Top 100 electronic tracks! 

Electronic music speaks to me. Bends the mind. Moves the feet. Stirs the soul. Heals the heart. All at the same time when the stars and synths align.

I’ve embraced electronic music for over 40 years. It always sounded like the future. This affection started in the early 80s, with countless teenage hours spent indulging in video games and movie soundtracks. The new music of the 80s experimented with technology as new wave and synth pop artists dominated the air waves and video programs. 

Throughout the 90s and during my 20s, electronica exploded in the clubs: house, rave and downtempo, everywhere! Spanning five decades the rich influence and global reach of electronic music runs deep.

And now during the dark days of a global pandemic with a long winter on the way, I need these tunes more than ever. For nostalgia, for escapism, for hope. Enjoy the ride!

#ambient #breakbeat #darkwave #downtempo #drumandbass #electro #house #industrial #newwave #synthpop #techno #trance #triphop 

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