Friday, February 16, 2024

Peach releases "Rabbit Hole" as first single in 2024

Compared to his whimsical debut, the first single from Peach on a beach’s upcoming sophomore album All Over the Map hints at exploring more contemporary themes.

“Rabbit Hole” is a detour to the dark side, a reminder about the futility of arguing with online. 

The dark wave song is also an homage to The Cure, one of my biggest influences from the 80’s. Hypnotic synths and heavy percussion accompany ominous lyrics and vocals, reminiscent of alternative artists of the era.

"Rabbit Hole" is also the first single I mixed and mastered in my home studio.

I wanted to create a trippy music video to promote the single -- click link below to watch on YouTube.  

Stay tuned for more new singles in the upcoming months! 

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