Top songs each year

Last winter I posted a daily song sharing my favourite 100 songs from the 1980s.

This year's blog features more of a desert island twist. I've compiled my ultimate list of fave tunes from the last 50 years, conveniently matching my 50 years to date on the planet. 

There are 2 rules to the madness: 

1. only 1 song per year: basically the WHY this is the only song from said year you are ever able to listen to; 

2. only 1 song per artist, to create a list of 50 songs created by 50 unique artists.

Some years are naturally easy: it's often still the same song that I enjoyed in its release year. But many years will reveal a song that I may have only discovered years later. Selections from other years are downright painful, having to choose just one. Like 1978, argh. Feel free to chime in with comments or share your own favourites. 

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