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This is site devoted to my love of music. For the last two years I have embarked on a top 100 music countdown with plans for a third during the winter of 2021. A great way to help the time go by during the darkest season, this time around coupled with a global pandemic.

Although the hair is long gone, thankfully the music never left. This photo is proof I once wasn't as follicaly challenged, a scan of a family shot taken in 1988 during the holidays. And rare proof of my 'Depeche Mode' days. 

We can’t live in that moment when we first heard a song, but we can visit it every once in a while. Many of the songs stayed with me like old friends through the years, long after they’d fallen off the charts. 

More than just escapism, the tunes aka * Peach's crap, became a sort of personal spirituality: a new religion. As a teen growing up in suburbia I religiously watched all the video shows. 

* Peach's crap - Ironic expression coined by my step-daughter upon hearing a Massive Attack track during brunch, later applied to refer to all music emanating from my makeshift office nook in the laundry room. This included new wave and post-punk artists from the 80s, as well as house, chill/downtempo, grunge and post-grunge bands from the 90s. It all sucks according to her, a millennial. 

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