Friday, June 30, 2023

Debut album Flashbacks released by Peach on a beach


My debut album Flashbacks under artist name Peach on a beach is now available online on all major streaming platforms.

Super pumped and proud to share my debut record with you, a whimsical tribute to growing up as a teen during the 80s in the suburbs of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. 

Album produced, recorded and mixed by music maven & mentor Paul Morris at Music Box Studio.



The track list is as follows:

1. Beeping and Bleeping (debut single) 

2. Ice Cream Karma

3. Boogeyman Trail

4. Before Call Display (3rd single)

5. The Dark Side (Doughboys)

6. Parcel Pickup

7. Anticipation Street

8. Pizza Corner (2nd single)

I will post a little background info each song over the next few weeks and highlight the inspiration and the awesome collaborators. 

Hailing from Dartmouth and based in Clare, Peach on a beach (Larry Peach) is an emerging singer-songwriter and synth player creating nostalgic vibes. Influenced by 80s new wave and hip hop, 90s dance and comedy rock, Peach on a beach is recording several singles prior to the release of his upcoming album called Flashbacks.