Friday, December 1, 2023

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree released on December 1


I decided to make a holiday song thanks to a suggestion from a co-worker in late 2022. Last Christmas break I started creating the song and writing lyrics then continued to work on it throughout the year.

"Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" is a festive tribute to a small artificial tree from my first Christmas away from home. 

Poignant lyrics recall childhood memories as melancholic vocals blend with uplifting synths riffs, bells and piano to create a nostalgic soundscape. 

Some 25 years later, I still hold on to the ragged yet symbolic “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree, now embraced by my wife Joelle who sings soothing backing vocals.

Watch for a music video coming soon!

Hope you enjoy my first holiday tune. Over the Christmas break I'll be tweaking a few demos for new singles coming in 2024. 

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