Sunday, October 22, 2023

Boogeyman Trail music video release

"Boogeyman Trail” is the 3rd track on the Flashbacks album, a song celebrating the Halloween season that straddles the line between fun and fear in the forest.

I've always wanted to create a spooky song and horror video, thanks to John Carpenter scores, Stephen King novels, The Blair Witch and Stranger Things. 

The lyrics recall an activity we played in the woods during the late 70s/early 80s, which in this song ultimately devolves into fictional mayhem, with a twist at the end.  Best experienced on headphones, alone at night.

The music video for "Boogeyman Trail" is my second as a video producer, compiled using free video clips from Pexels.

Special thanks to Cottonbro Studio (Pexels) for the great clips of the kids.

Synths, vocals and lyrics: Larry Peach

Additional sound effects by Zapsplat

Song recorded and produced by Paul Morris aka The Music Box in Clare.

Next up: Stay tuned for a holiday tune on December 1 and a second album in 2024.

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