Thursday, January 7, 2021

89/100 Video - "Buffalo Stance" - Neneh Cherry (1988)

The video for "Buffalo Stance" by Neneh Cherry oozes energy and flow, 
colour and motion.

Everyone's a star in this catchy clip with the sick synth hook and fat chorus.

Starting with the foreground, sassy singer Neneh Cherry captures our attention with her cheeky prances and buffalo stances.

In charge of the synths and scratchin', there's Mushroom, who was part of the Wild Bunch DJ collective before joining Massive Attack.

And the two animated back-up female vocalists bob, dart and weave in and off the screen throughout the clip.

Although the song was released in 1988; it oozes an early 90s vibe to the style. 

The 80s are sometimes remembered as being all about image or excess. But here we have Neneh Cherry rhyming about how 'no money man can win her love'. 

The vocal line "Know what I mean" flashing down the screen in four languages is a cute scene. 

I'll always associate this track with clubbing at Secretaries in downtown Halifax. Good times.

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