Saturday, April 3, 2021

4/100 Video - "Pale Shelter" - Tears For Fears (1982)

These last four videos are deeply embedded in my psyche;
 they were all released when I was between 13 and 15 years old.

"Pale Shelter" by Tears For Fears is one memorizing tune. 

The acoustic guitar in the intro pleasantly strums along with the ubiquitous synths creates instant magic.

I was a young teen when the song hit our shores. And I was always captivated by its video. 

Now it's massively nostalgic.

During the last chorus in the video, Roland and Curt are walking beside a school amid a shower of hundreds of paper airplanes being tossed out windows.

This scene always takes me back to Mr. McInness's aka Mister Magoo's Grade 7 English class at Prince Arthur Junior School when David Israel got caught for tossing a paper airplane out the window and whose name ended up on the blackboard's detention list as "David the Pilot".

Back to the video, I always wince when Roland gets the sharp end of a paper plane straight into his eye. 

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