Friday, September 23, 2022

"Beeping and Bleeping" released on streaming platforms

So Thursday, September 22, 2022 was an exciting day for Peach on a beach. 

It was debut single release day!

"Beeping and Bleeping" is now available on streaming platforms:

Apple Music



You Tube - Note: Not the official music video

Shout out to The Music Box Recording Studio in Clare for the fab mixin' 'n masterin'!

"Beeping and Bleeping” is a hip hop track about my experience as a young teen playing arcade video games. The lyrics recall the iconic early 80s games, and the nostalgic vibe of the song naturally led to making a video, which will be launched on a later date. 

"This song is all about how much fun we had growing up in a simpler era and living in the moment." says Larry Peach. "I’m excited to share it and see how it connects with people”.

The intended market is Gen Xers who spent countless hours playing arcade games in the 1980s, a demographic attracted to nostalgia and escapism. “I also hope the song will resonate with younger audiences who enjoy playing any video games or hip-hop music.”

And since Hurricane Fiona is crashing the party this weekend, I will delaying the launch of the music video. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of the video. Hope you enjoy!

Hailing from Dartmouth and based in Clare, Nova Scotia, Peach on a beach is Larry Peach. Inspired and influenced by 80s new wave and hip hop, 90s dance and downtempo, Peach on a Beach is recording several singles prior to the release of his upcoming EP called Flashbacks.

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