Friday, February 24, 2023

Music video released for "Pizza Corner!

The official video for my second single "Pizza Corner" was released on Friday, February 24, 2023. The song is a hip-hop tribute to all the blurry late nights I spent at the iconic downtown Halifax landmark during the 1990s. 

Video created by Shawn Bourque, Greenlight Studios

Video filmed at Pizza Corner, Halifax, NS and Wissam's Pizza in Meteghan River (Clare), during the morning of the coldest day of the decade. Lead vocals, music, and lyrics by Larry Peach. Backing vocals by Joelle Peach. Additional ad lib vocals by Patrick Carr and Paul Morris. Liquor Dome Atrium clip of cover band (Mind over Matter) by Richard. For full video from 1991. Video actors: Bradley Gavel, as the sidekick, musician in Soon After Joelle Peach aka "the momager" Sherisse, for bringing the sass Wissam as himself, supreme maker of amazing donairs and pizza and Larry Peach, as a washed up version of himself.

Many thanks et mille merci!

"Pizza Corner" is also available on streaming platforms:


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The playful lyrics recall how we gravitated to “Pizza Corner” during the 1990s to grab a pepperoni slice or a super donair, to people watch, and compare notes after a night on the town. 

The intended market is primarily Gen Xers, but also other generations who spent copious amounts of time downtown during the heyday of Pizza Corner.

Thanks to The Music Box Recording Studio in Clare for the great mix and master!

Hailing from Dartmouth and based in Clare, Peach on a beach (Larry Peach) is an emerging singer-songwriter and synth player creating nostalgic vibes. Influenced by 80s new wave and hip hop, 90s dance and comedy rock, Peach on a beach is recording several singles prior to the release of his upcoming EP called Flashbacks.

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