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Friday, March 5, 2021

33/100 Video - "Barracuda" – Heart (1977)

"Barracuda" by Heart reminds me how much I still love a good solid rock tune.

The music is high tempo and pure power. The guitar and bass chug and churn while lead singer Ann Wilson gives us a career vocal showing off her epic range.

"Barracuda" just may be my favourite concert video; the sheer energy the band brings to this performance is electrifying.

I can't help but watch in awe of how easy they make it all look.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

1977 - "Peg" - Steely Dan

"Heeeeeyyyyyy, it will come back to you".

That was the lyric I grew up singing to myself.

Years later, I found out I'd been wrong. Despite this gaffe, the jazz and funk fusion of "Peg" by Steely Dan remains one of the catchiest tunes ever conceived. 

The track sounds like an ode to 70s music. There's a funky bass. Guitar solos weave in and out. And the ubiquitous Michael McDonald sings backup vocals, always a treat.

The cynical lyrics aside, this one's been always about the music. That infectious groove.

Other favourites from 1977: 

"Barracuda" – Heart

"Dreams" – Fleetwood Mac

"Mainstreet" – Bob Seger