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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

85/100 Video - "Planet Claire" – The B52s (1979)

From the opening alien synth notes of "Planet Claire", 
The B52s remind us on this early single that they are gifts from another galaxy. 

What's extraordinary about this song is that it takes almost two minutes until the first vocals appear: that is unless you count Kate Pierson's lip sync of the intro synth line.

Meanwhile, vocalist Fred Schneider plays a mean cowb...I mean walkie-talkie?!

The eccentric gals and guys of this unique band have always taken fun seriously with silly lyrics, antics and outfits.

It still blows my that two important alternative artists emerged from the college town of Athens, Georgia (population: approx. 125,000).

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

1979 - "Take the Long Way Home" - Supertramp

Goosebumps. I get them every time the keyboards give way to the harmonica in the iconic intro of "Take the Long Way Home" by Supertramp. 

The harmonica continues to weave in and out as the pondering lyrics causes your mind to wander. As the melody meanders, it sweeps you along for a unplanned ride through your own life. The sax and harmonica solos in the middle are a highlight. 

I was at Bruce Jordan's 10th birthday party when I first remember hearing the Breakfast in America album. Still love all of the singles and the "Goodbye Toby" parody on The Office was cute. 

"Take the Long Way Home" will forever be one of my favourite driving songs, best experienced when you have a little extra time to take the scenic route.

Other favourites from 1979: 

"Message in a Bottle" – The Police

"Walking on the Moon" – The Police

"What a Fool Believes" – Doobie Brothers

"Transmission" – Joy Division