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Friday, January 17, 2020

1973 - "Dream On" - Aerosmith

In the early 80s, I spent my allowance on the essentials of the era: arcade video games and K-Tel compilation records. The latter were ideal for exploring a diverse range of music genres, from classic rock to new wave, even country. One such disk was Pure Rock, a tribute to the 70s. The lead track "Dust In the Wind" by Kansas and Cheap Trick's "Dream Police" were once fave tunes. But it's that side one second song, a poignant power ballad, that stuck out then, and stays with me now. 

Little did I realize that "Dream On" was Aerosmith's debut single. 

Those simple yet profound lyrics make "Dream On" by Aerosmith an eternal classic.

And there's something about the progressive intensity that's incredibly appealing. Other obvious highlights include Steven Tyler's insane vocal range and Joe Perry's effortless chord changes.

1973 Honourable Mentions:

"The Ballroom Blitz" – Sweet
An infectious glam rock classic guaranteed to fill the dance floor.

"Bad Bad Leroy Brown" – Jim Croce 
A fun, melodic number immortalizing King Kong and junkyard dogs.