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Sunday, February 10, 2019

#58. "Don’t Walk On Past" - Blue Peter (1983)

This is the first of three Canadian songs in a row on this chart (yeah, Canada's music scene kinda boomed in the 80s). 

Let's make a blender shall we... 

Toss in a slice of Duran Duran groove (think "Rio"), mix in the suave sound of ABC, a dash of Roxy Music for inspiration, and a suit from a Spandau Ballet member and you get Toronto's Blue Peter one-hit wonder "Don't Walk Past".

Yeah, it may be borderline cheese but it's iconic at the same time. 

The tune has an immaculate arrangement and I always get a kick out of the blinking timed perfectly with the drums early in the clip. 

"Don't Walk Past" has an equally epic and unquestionably dated video featuring several period conventions: 
- a typewriter
- smoking in the office (albeit after hours)
- martini glasses: I counted 5 empty glasses and I ain't judging 
- fog (yes!)
- henchmen appearing from thin air aka the magic of video, 
- and the highlight: some of the slickest dance moves ever performed in a bonus moves at 3:05 from former MuchMusic VJ Rick the Temp in the lower inset. 

It's too bad the tune never got any traction in the US or UK markets.