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Sunday, March 14, 2021

24/100 Video - "Allies" - Blue States (2007)

"Allies" by Blue States is a downtempo track with a mesmerizing melody.

I happened to stumble upon the video while checking out some of the band's material beyond their Nothing Changes Under The Sun album.

What a great discovery! 

The video starts by showing four videos of the same man waking up and leaving his apartment for a day at the office. 

After a few seconds pass, four different scenarios unfold leading to hilarious and/or catastrophic results.

The first scenario ends abruptly, with the man getting hit by a bus, then shown dead in the hospital. 

The second scenario shows the man being kidnapped and left in the wild, naked in the woods, and sleeping on the ground.

The third scenario sees the guy get fired, but then ends up meeting a girl by walking into her while rounding a corner. 

The fourth scenario shows the man following his mundane schedule from dawn to dusk. No, he didn't get killed, but nothing extraordinary happened to him either.

The message: a reminder that on some days we have little control over our lives.