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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

8/100 Video - "Angel" – Massive Attack (1998)

"Angel" by Massive Attack is one crackerjack track.

Starting with an ominous percussion, the song builds progressively as more instruments and layers are added. During the long bridge, a menacing guitar solo grinds away as the industrial beats rage onwards.

The epic chase video is incredible, as the band members follow Daddy G in a car lot until the latter half when half of Bristol shows up for a grand chase scene in slow motion.

Rob Robinson737 provides the best explanation for the video in the YouTube comments, a metaphor for facing one's fears:

"The video is about running away from your fears, the longer you run away from them the greater they become until you reach to a point from where you can no longer run as if there is no land left for you to run on and there it is your greatest fears stood there right in front of you, and then you realize that these fears are just an illusion and that you confront them head on and then they are frighten of you at the moment you start chasing them."

Sunday, March 7, 2021

31/100 Video - "Sly" – Massive Attack (1994)

"Sly" by Massive Attack blew my mind since the first listen.

A tasty delicacy for the ears and eyes, the futuristic video could have been the best James Bond theme song that never was.

The psychedelic trippy clip is a fitting complement to the captivating and hypnotic trip hop tune.

The swirling strings and synths amid the video game-esque beat is sublime.

Saturday, March 6, 2021

32/100 Video - "Unfinished Symphony" - Massive Attack (1991)

During the 80s Duran Duran may have set the bar for consistently creating innovative videos.

Then in the 90s came Massive Attack.

Electronic beats and synths meet R & B for the subtle smooth groove of "Unfinished Symphony" by Massive Attack.

In the video, vocalist Shara Nelson walks the streets of Los Angeles, lip synching bittersweet lyrics, uncaring of her surroundings, which include drunks, bikers, and disabled people.

Band members Daddy G, 3D and Mushroom can be spotted at various points a few paces behind, and slightly out of focus.

The clip was shot in a single continuous take, and influenced the creation for the video for "Bittersweet Symphony" released six years later.