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Saturday, December 29, 2018

#99. "99 Luftballons" - Nena (1984)

One of many pro-peace anthems from the Cold War era, "99 Luftballons" by German artist Nena reached #1 in much of Europe, Canada (I think) and #2 on US Billboard, only bested by "Jump" by Van Halen. 

Shout out to the bass plucking to keep things kinda light since the lyrics are dark as hell.

The song is about how balloons were mistaken for missiles on the radar thus instigating a nuclear war. But at the very end of the tune, after the apocalypse, a single balloon is found offering hope.

I prefer the German version to the English remix "99 Red Balloons", much in the same way I'd rather watch Montreal Canadiens home games in French on RDS: for the authenticity. 

Fave lyrics: 
"99 Düsenflieger
Jeder war ein großer Krieger
Hielten sich für Captain Kirk"

"99 jet planes
Everyone was a great warrior
Thought they were Captain Kirk"

Below is a great sounding redubbed English version from Nena's appearance on the popular Brit show Top of the Pops

Since it's now 2018 and environmentally incorrect to release 99 red balloons into the air, we no longer have to worry about balloons triggering an apocalyptic use of military force.