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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

64/100 Video - "I Missed Again" - Phil Collins (1981)

Today's clip is a shout-out to THE ultimate budget video.

In the video for "I Missed Again", Phil Collins not only lip syncs (natch), he also plays the air version of ALL the instruments. Horns. Guitars. Drums. ALL of them.

I've attempted to estimate the actual costs for producing this minimal video.

Based on 1981 costs...

  • one can of white paint for wall, so $10.
  • one camera guy for 30 minutes @ $20/hr, so $10. 
  • clothing provided in-kind, care of Phil’s closet.

Total estimated budget of a $20 US bill.

A few years later, in an ironic twist, Phil would be involved on producing one of the most expensive videos of the era. Stay tuned for that one...

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Bubbling under: "In The Air Tonight" - Phil Collins (1981)

"In The Air Tonight" is best experienced at night (duh) on headphones or while driving. This atmospheric track is unfailingly hypnotic and should the song put you in a trance while behind the wheel the iconic drum break should be able to wake you up.

A couple years later Phil with his band Genesis repeated his success with the slightly more sinister and moodier "Mama".