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Sunday, March 21, 2021

17/100 Video - "Take On Me" - a-ha (1985)

The video for a-ha's 
"Take On Me" used a pencil-sketch animation / live-action combination known as rotoscoping, in which the live-action footage is traced over frame by frame to give the characters realistic movements. 

Approximately 3,000 frames were rotoscoped, which took 16 weeks to complete. The video cost $150,000 USD, which was significant at the time in 1985.

Actress Bunty Bailey, who played singer Morten Harket's love interest, went on to star in the band's follow-up video, “The Sun Always Shines on T.V.,” and had a real-life romance with Harket.

The iconic music video for “Take On Me” has reached one billion views on YouTube, a feat very few artists have accomplished. 

Sunday, March 10, 2019

#25. "Train of Thought" - a-ha (1986)

"Train of Thought" by a-ha was the third and somewhat underrated single from the Norwegian band's debut album Hunting High & Lowan incredible tune that stands up well. 

Excellent to listen to on headphones, the track is also one of my favourite tunes for my runs and commutes (it is afterall a song someone's thoughts during a commute). 

With its peppy verses and soaring choruses, I find "Train of Thought" combines the best elements of "Take on Me" and "Sun Always Shines on TV".

Although the lyrics are melancholic, the synth arrangements (and pan flutes!) are just so damn melodic and uplifting. 

And a sound that at times sounds symphonic, even classical: vocalist Morten Harket's range is quite operatic (like 5 octaves and an insane falsetto). Crank up the volume to fully appreciate the rhythm and layering

Fave lyric: "Words go up words come down, Forwards backwards twisted round"

The 4th single "Hunting High & Low" is part pop ballad, part power symphony and completely epic.