Monday, May 20, 2019

#1. One-hit Wonders: "Sleeping Satellite" - Tasmin Archer (1992)

More than just my top one-hit wonder, this is easily one of my favourite songs period.

It can be easy to overlook a somewhat low-key pop song from the early 90s, a key high-water mark in music history as multiple genres (grunge, dance, rave, hip hop, Garth Brooks) were all producing memorable tracks. 

But Tasmin Archer's debut single "Sleeping Satellite", from the ironic album title Great Expectations, is nothing short of a pop masterpiece, a special song full of wonder that only comes around every blue moon.

Everything is beautiful about this song: the synth intro, the dreamy melody, Tasmin's inspiring vocals, the subtle guitar, the soaring bridge once the organ kicks in and a great vocal outro. 

"Sleeping Satellite" has both soul and groove, an exquisite slice of hypnotic pop.

And how about the depth of those lyrics. 

Archer talks about relationships using the moon landings as a metaphor. She asks her lover "Did we fly to the moon too soon? and "Have we peaked too soon?" now that both of them are clueless about what to do with their relationship after a great start.

The tune hit #1 on the UK charts, while only peaking at #32 in the US, more evidence that my musical taste is more aligned with the Brits. In fact, the first time I ever heard the single was when I lived in Vancouver enjoying a "UK Chart Attack", a Top 40 program broadcast on a local radio station. 

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