Wednesday, January 8, 2020

1969 - "Space Oddity" - David Bowie

1969 = "Space Oddity" - David Bowie.
These first few years will be the hardest ones since I don't have any actual memories of enjoying them when they were released. But thanks to the magic of the internets, I have access to a treasure trove of lists and videos. In an era highlighted by the Stones, Beatles and Led Zep, here we have fledgling folk artist David Bowie spacing out about outer space.

Fave lyric: "For here, am I sitting in a tin can". 

The dreamy atmosphere, irresistible melody and inspired vocals make this one a long-time keeper ever since I first stumbled upon the video during the early 90s on MuchMusic (remember when the station played music?). The video was shown as a segue to an episode of Mike & Mike's Excellent X-Canada Adventures about Cavendish, PEI, leading into a story about the juxtaposition of Anne of Green Gables and some of the newer commercial attractions of the day. Like a space shuttle replica...   

Back to Bowie..."Space Oddity" helped inspire Peter Schilling to write a sort of sequel in this 1983 new wave hit featuring the Major Tom character. At the time who could have ever imagined the legions of artists, musicians and trends later influenced by his work.

1969 Honourable Mentions: None


  1. I like it but not as much as Peter Schilling's - Major Tom (Coming Home)

    1. Yep. Space Oddity is Star Wars while Major Tom, the Empire Strikes Back.