Sunday, January 19, 2020

1974 - "Sundown" - Gordon Lightfoot

In the mid-70s Dad would play vinyl from the Eagles, Bob Seger and Gordon Lightfoot on the hi-fi during stormy Saturday afternoons before Hockey Night in Canada. I wasn't buying music yet and had no choice but to enjoy or endure what my parents served up. This is a rare example of one of Dad's favourites that also became one of mine. 

While the melody in "Sundown" is so bright and catchy, the contrasting ominous lyrics wonder whether his partner has been cheating. The chorus is especially hypnotic, and the highlight when the harmony kicks in. Great sparing use of electric guitar. 

The tune can be equally enjoyed playing in the background or cranked.

Other favourites from 1974: 

"Dreamer" – Supertramp
Layers of organ and swirling guitar puts you in trance. 

"Machine Gun" – Commodores
Instrumental funky jam that's groovy as hell.

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  1. Sundown I like but I always thought it was about living in an apartment.