Friday, January 10, 2020

1970 - "All Right Now" - Free

Sure this song is overplayed. Forever a staple on set lists played by bar bands throughout North America, it's also immortalized on that TV commercial peddling Wrigley's gum. 

Still, I never tire of hearing it. You don't turn this song off, you turn it UP.

In one word? CLASSIC. There's something magical and reassuring about that guitar riff. 

And this sort of desert isle list just has to have at least one classic rock anthem. 

In fact, I'll posit that "All Right Now" may actually be THE original 'classic rock' tune before the genre of classic rock was even established. Discuss. 

1970 Honourable Mentions: 

"Cinnamon Girl" – Neil Young & Crazy Horse 
Wasn't this the beginning of grunge?

"Cecilia" – Simon & Garfunkel
Must be embraced - played everywhere, enjoyed by all

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  1. Cecilia probably my top pick although cracking rosie by Neil Diamond deserves consideration.