Saturday, March 21, 2020

2005 - "Suicidewinder" - Ridley Bent

2005 top track: Ridley Bent's debut album Blam! is a 'hick-hop' masterpiece, the improbable fusion of country and hip-hop. 

Halifax's genre-bending, guitar-slingin' demon takes us along on his benders with the wrong side of the law. "Suicidewinder" is a tour de force of gritty story-telling with a badass singalong chorus. 

Shout-out to Johnny M in North Van (not on FB) for this find. 

Other favourites from 2005: 

"Dayvan Cowboy" – Boards of Canada

"Tribulations" – LCD Soundsystem

"Feel Good Inc." – Gorillaz

"Here It Goes Again" – OK Go

"Another Nite Another Love" - Jay Jay Johanson

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