Saturday, March 28, 2020

2008 - "We Are The People" - Empire of the Sun

That time I almost got thrown out of the house for playing this 15 times on a loop. 

It was like meeting an old friend after years apart. Widescreen and epic, takes us back to the future, fusing 70s psychedelic rock and 80s style and production. Acoustic verses effortlessly blend into a sweeping falsetto chorus. 

The electro-pop dance-rock of Empire of the Sun's "We Are the People" is David Bowie meets Star Wars. But wait, there's two Bowies.

Seriously, this chorus is one of the best I've ever heard. But more importantly and more relevant these day, this is a message about hope. 

I played this track at least 15 times straight with my new girlfriend at the time; and she didn't throw me out. 

Other favourites from 2008: 

"Walking on a Dream" – Empire of the Sun

"I Remember" - Deadmau5 

"Kim & Jessie" - M83

"No Sex for Ben" - The Rapture

"Being Here" - The Stills

"Mirror" - Supreme Beings of Leisure

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