Tuesday, August 29, 2023

The Dark Side (Doughboys)


“The Dark Side (Doughboys)” is the 5th track from the Flashbacks album, a song celebrating a hell-raising activity from my youth.

An inside joke for the club's alumni, our gang invented the pastime of "doughing" in the Southdale-North Woodside neighbourhoods of Dartmouth during the mid-80s.

At nightfall, clandestine dumpster diving at the Tim Horton's revealed a bounty of day-old doughnuts and timbits to used as biodegradable projectiles. 

Shenanigans transformed into suburban art as we glazed the streets, unsuspecting vehicles and unlucky pedestrians with a hodgepodge of pastries to create a veritable nocturnal tableau. 

Long before social media and mobile phones, the lack of photographic and videographic evidence of doughing may make you wonder if we made it all up. 

So this song is my little digital artifact to ensure the "Doughboys" legacy is immortalized and perhaps even inspire future teen generations to discover their own version of teenage tomfoolery. 

But for the safety and sanity of suburbia, let's hope that it doesn't.

Peach on a beach (Larry Peach) is an emerging singer-songwriter and synth player creating nostalgic vibes. Influenced by 80s new wave and hip hop, 90s dance and comedy rock, Peach on a beach is recording several singles prior to the release of his upcoming album called Flashbacks.

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