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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

50/100 Video - "Land of Confusion" - Genesis (1986)


Phil Collins has done in all in the video arena.

Along with Philip Bailey, he made the first documentary style video about the making of a video.

And here with Genesis, he helped create one of the most elaborate and expensive videos ever made, during the heyday of the video era.

"Land of Confusion" by Genesis is also one of the most creative music videos ever made. 

The popular video was made using puppets created by the British TV series called The Spitting Image. The show would often make fun of Genesis, and by hiring their tormentors, the band proved that they could take a joke.

The video was directed by Jim Yukich, an American, who would watch The Spitting Image on his trips to England and loved the show. 

He got the idea to use the puppets in this video when he saw a Phil Collins parody on the show that made fun of his angst-ridden solo work.

Released during the President Reagan years, the video is an important part of the Cold War cultural time capsule. 

At the end of the video, the Ronald Reagan puppet accidentally launches a nuclear missile.

The video was very expensive to make; each puppet of which there are many, cost about $10,000.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

92/100 Video - "Mama" - Genesis (1983)


If we judge his work solely based on the mid-80s era, it's easy to forget that Phil Collins had a bit of a dark side.

And "Mama" by Genesis may be the trippiest single Phil Collins has ever produced. 

Shot in black and white, the video is on the creepy end of the spectrum. Dark and powerful. But also beautiful and poetic. 

The song's slow menacing buildup is spectacular and Phil's vocals are among his finest.

And Phil is downright terrifying when does his little laugh grunts, as the camera shifts perspective and slides his huge mug closeup, staring, glaring back at us.

The song itself is about a young man obsessed with a prostitute who is not interested in him. Based on a book Phil Collins had read called The Moon's A Balloon, by David Niven, in which a young man falls in love with an older prostitute who does not return his affections.