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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

49/100 Video - "Raspberry Beret" – Prince (1985)

"Raspberry Beret" by Prince is easily of Prince's best singles. 

It's also one of his most creative videos. 

Wearing a blue suit with white fluffy clouds reminiscent of the intro from The Simpsons, Prince's outfits flashes and glows throughout this catchy slice of psychedelia. 

It's a goofy video with a gaggle of backup dancers clapping and grooving along with Prince and the Revolution

Prince seemed to always be surrounded by women, and this video is no exception. 

Some of them played in his band which was rare for the 80s. 

Friday, February 1, 2019

#67. "Little Red Corvette" - Prince (1983)

"Little Red Corvette" is an anthem about the dynamics of a one-night stand. (Aren't all of of Prince's songs about sex?)

Prince's breakthrough song was a brilliant fusion of rock and dance.

Plus a whole lot of attitude: the girl-as-corvette metaphor recounts the subject of wild weekend escapades. 

Not only an evocative storyteller, Prince showed he was also a pretty decent guitarist too.

And since it was 1983, the synths and drum machines are alive and well. Stir in a few timely guitar solos into the mix and voilĂ : "Little Red Corvette" is a perfect example of post-disco pop. And a hint of what was yet to come from the king of leisure

A well-known fact: Stevie Nicks borrowed the tune's melody for "Stand Back".

A close #2 fave Prince tune tune would this catchy slice of psychedelia: