Friday, February 1, 2019

#67. "Little Red Corvette" - Prince (1983)

"Little Red Corvette" is an anthem about the dynamics of a one-night stand. (Aren't all of of Prince's songs about sex?)

Prince's breakthrough song was a brilliant fusion of rock and dance.

Plus a whole lot of attitude: the girl-as-corvette metaphor recounts the subject of wild weekend escapades. 

Not only an evocative storyteller, Prince showed he was also a pretty decent guitarist too.

And since it was 1983, the synths and drum machines are alive and well. Stir in a few timely guitar solos into the mix and voilĂ : "Little Red Corvette" is a perfect example of post-disco pop. And a hint of what was yet to come from the king of leisure

A well-known fact: Stevie Nicks borrowed the tune's melody for "Stand Back".

A close #2 fave Prince tune tune would this catchy slice of psychedelia: 

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  1. I still think Raspberry Beret is my favorite Prince song , but Little Red Corvette is great as well.