Saturday, February 23, 2019

#44. "In Between Days" - The Cure (1985)

So these blokes aren't all doom and gloom as some might say.

"In Between Days" by The Cure is classic new wave and a staple at 80s parties. 

And one of the finest examples showing off the cardinal rules of new wave alt rock: melancholic lyrics and upbeat music. 

It's also one of the tightest songs of the decade at an economical 02:55.  

The intro is outstanding, immediately grabbing your attention with a wall of melodic guitars...and then come the synths. 

The lyrics allude to some sort of bizarre love triangle -- no, I'm not confusing this with New Order's tune although this song does have a New Order mid-80s kind of vibe...

In 1985, The Cure was still 'Indie pop' in North America where the mainstream wasn't ready for the likes of The Cure until a few years later...

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