Wednesday, February 20, 2019

#47. "You Spin Me Round" - Dead Or Alive (1985)

I may not have been actually clubbing at the time but I was enamored with this club song. 

From the opening beats, "You Spin Me Round" by Dead or Alive is a relentless assault on the senses. The dance inferno didn't sound like anything else charting in the spring of '85. 

The "You spin me round like a record, baby" chorus is equally inane and brilliant, the groove catchy and cheesy, and the whole production over the top. No wonder The Wedding Singer embraced it. 

I'll never forget Mom coming into the TV room while catching a glimpse of lead singer Pete Burns only to ask "What the hell is that?". 

I'll also always think of Corey Mock from our Dartmouth High days when I hear this iconic dance track. Corey absolutely loved this tune, the only guy I knew who enjoyed it more than I did! I can still see him grooving on the dance floor to it. RIP buddy.


  1. I was at dal during these days and I can't remember the club, I want to say "reflections" but I heard it was very popular there. And I liked it too.

    1. I think that club would have been called Secretarys at that time...just below the old Misty Moon?