Tuesday, February 12, 2019

#56. "Eurasian Eyes" - Corey Hart (1986)

Did you always notice Corey Hart is running away in his videos?

Let’s take a moment to flashback and reflect on the essential elements of the quintessential Corey Hart video from the heydays circa 1985-86:

1. Running away from home, work, girlfriend, power outage. Check.

2. Alone and troubled, hands planted on face. Uh-huh.

3. Cold and lonely, and all dressed up with nowhere to go. Yep.  

Usually by the time a 4th single from an album rolls around it's often a questionable number tossed out there in an attempt to keep the artist in the limelight. But this time it isn't a sappy ballad about never giving up: this time he's missing a woman.

I'd argue that "Eurasian Eyes" is not only the best song on the prolific Boy in the Box album, it's his top song period.

It's also long been one of my favourite songs to play in the winter. 

The atmospheric music is outstanding, a moody mid-tempo track with an exotic vibe (no wonder it made the 9 1/2 weeks soundtrack) that accompanies Corey's passionate ruminations perfectly.

Fave lyrics: "Now I'm the one that lacks the eloquence to say".

"Sunglasses at Night" had made an earlier version of the top 100. And on some days it probably would, so here it is for those of you that may feel cheated about this glaring omission: 

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