Sunday, February 3, 2019

#65. "Fascination" - The Human League (1983)

Caution: Guilty pleasure alert! 

By 1983 The Human League was already 5 years old. Formed in Sheffield, England's industrial heartland, they were one of the first synth bands to make it big, scoring hits on both sides of the Atlantic with "Don't You Want Me" in 1981 and "Mirror Man" in 1982. 

"Fascination" hit the charts in 1983 as the synths stormed the airwaves, even getting lost in the shuffle. But I'll still choose to play this one more then most Duran classics. Gotta love the democracy at play on this track, with the vocals shared by four band members.

About that cheesy keyboard melody: you'll either love it or it'll drive you bonkers. Add in that ear worm of a bass line and I can't get enough of it! 

If anything, "Fascination" is ample proof that synth music isn't all 'cold' and 'detached' as its detractors like to share.  

The video is reflective of shoestring budgets back in the day:
- Secure a small white-walled room in a low-rent part of town. Check.
- Play or airplay your instruments with reckless abandon. Check.
- Strategically-timed hand clapping to match the percussion. Check.
- Synchronized dance moves by the cute back-up singers. Check.
- Film in one take. Check.

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