Sunday, February 24, 2019

#43. "Personal Jesus" - Depeche Mode (1989)

Think back to the early 80s for minute. Hands up if you thought back these guys would be sporting cowboy hats and playing guitars five years later?

The evolution of Depeche Mode from a light synth-pop act to filling stadiums in North America was quite impressive. Like U2 did a couple years prior with the The Joshua Tree, Depeche Mode captured the hearts and minds of America with an amped up, somewhat industrial form of dance music with the Violator album in 1989.

"Personal Jesus" is the best song from that period: a big beat that don't quit while twangy guitars and clinical keys keep things interesting. 

The badass video is a bonus. 

Well done boys, you've come a long way.

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  1. cultural appropriation or just playing cowboy? great song in any case