Sunday, December 30, 2018

#98. "Cloudbusting" - Kate Bush (1985)

"Cloudbusting" by Kate Bush is a brilliant piece of art and a risky single to release; it was so noticeably different from the standard fare on tap in 1985. 

The track also had one of the more innovative storylines in an 80s music video. In fact, it was more of a 'mini-movie'. Starring Donald Sutherland as Kate's father, he invents a machine that makes it rain. After the men in suits take Sutherland away, the 'cloud buster' only works when Kate gives it a go. 

The song itself is spellbinding, dramatic and melodic. 

The instrumentation is off the charts: the dreamy strings and the marching effect at the end are spectacular. It's a nicely-textured soft song I prefer to crank up loud on headphones to hear all the nuances like the ambient drum rolls.

A few years later while in in Vancouver record shop I remember recognizing a sample from "Cloudbusting". Turns out it was from the now classic techno club anthem "Something Good" by Utah Saints.

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