Thursday, December 27, 2018

Bubbling under: "Eyes of a Stranger" - The Payolas (1982)

In the same year that produced "Eye of the Tiger" and "Eye in the Sky", a group of Vancouver-based musicians gave us the mysterious and theatrical "Eyes of a Stranger".  

What a fantastic opening to lure us in before we get slapped with a riveting lyric. The guitar echo combined with a reggae percussion creates a unique blend of new wave that sounds like it could be a jam session between The Police and The Cure, plus a dash of inspiration from this classic.

I'm quite sure I heard this track for the first time on CBC's Sunday morning
Switchback hosted by Stan the Man... 

...and speaking of Switchback; was it just me or did every episode seem to play "Come On Eileen" or "My Girl"...or perhaps it's my memory that's gone, gone, gone?

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