Thursday, December 27, 2018

Bubbling under: "Second Skin" - The Chameleons (1983)

Starting in the late 70s U.K. cities best represented by Manchester produced an embarrassment of riches in the post-punk genre (The Buzzcocks, Joy Division) as youth turned to music as an escape from the bleak post-industrial economy. The proliferation of influential artists continued into the 80s with among others, New Order and The Smiths, and 90s with Oasis and the Charlatans. 

Lost in the shuffle is a band called The Chameleons. Never heard of them? Neither did I until recently.

Their 1983 debut album Script of the Bridge offers layered and textured sonic landscapes that combine the sound of early U2, New Order and The Cure. Listen to "Second Skin" on headphones or cranked in the car at night and let the haunting, hypnotic synths and reverb guitar wash over you. Like floating on air. 

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