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Monday, March 22, 2021

16/100 Video - "Material Girl" - Madonna (1984)

The classic video branded Madonna with a her 
"Material Girl" nickname, a track that is so quintessential 80s. 

Inspired by Madonna's fascination with Marilyn Monroe, this video is an homage to Marilyn singing "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" from the movie Gentlemen prefer Blondes.

The first part of the video shows illustrates the assumption that guys think women are all materialistic and will want lavish and expensive gifts, thinking they can buy her love. 

But in reality, as the end of the video demonstrates, the real way to her heart is as simple as a bouquet of flowers and a realistic happy love with guys who are down to earth.

The irony was often lost and/or ignored by journalists, so the name and the image stuck.

Monday, February 22, 2021

44/100 Video - "Frozen" - Madonna (1998)

From the opening frames showing a black-haired Madonna cladded in black levitating above a bleak desert landscape, I knew the video the "Frozen" would be a good one.
The song, a mid-tempo electronica ballad, is hypnotic. 
The dark imagery showcases Madonna as a Gothic, shape-sifting witch mourning a broken heart and a lost love. 

The visuals are astounding, especially as Madonna transforms into a raven then later as a dog. 

"Frozen" won an MTV Video Music Award in 1998 for Best Special Effects.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

81/100 Video - "La Isla Bonita" - Madonna (1987)


The song is pure escapism. 

The video is about her dress.

Madonna does the flamenco and longs for the island breezes of San Pedro in this tasty and timeless slice of Latin and pop fusion

That smooth Spanish guitar never fails to deliver an 'isla bonita': a day dream to a tropical utopia for an 18-year-old living in the suburbs who'd traveled as far as P.E.I.  

Monday, March 23, 2020

2006 - "Sorry" - Madonna

Sorry for taking so long to share music from the material girl. I was just too into the groove, then frozen and hung up on which track to pick.

Surprisingly melancholy for such a fast song, Madonna shows off her multilingual skills  expressing that she's sorry.

Other favourites from 2006: 

"Boy From School" – Hot Chip

"When I Go" – Emancipator 

"Acceptable in the 80s" – Calvin Harris 

"When You Were Young" – The Killers 

"Young Folks" – Peter Bjorn and John

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

#30. "Into The Groove" - Madonna (1985)

Madonna became an 80s pop icon through sheer will and charisma. 

In 1985 she summoned us to join her on the dance floor with the irresistible "Into The Groove", demanding your attention in what may just be her greatest song, pure pop that's both fluffy and forceful. 

The stuttering synth and staccato bass drive the proceedings while Madonna's coming out party articulates the power of the groove' as 'music' is a 'revelation' and a 'sweet sensation'.

"Only when I’m dancing can I feel this free" reveals Madonna is in charge of her life.

"Tonight I wanna dance with someone else" is another powerful moment and a saucy invitation. 

"Into The Groove" will also be remembered as the pivot when the underground dance music scene moved to the mainstream.