Wednesday, March 6, 2019

#30. "Into The Groove" - Madonna (1985)

Madonna became an 80s pop icon through sheer will and charisma. 

In 1985 she summoned us to join her on the dance floor with the irresistible "Into The Groove", demanding your attention in what may just be her greatest song, pure pop that's both fluffy and forceful. 

The stuttering synth and staccato bass drive the proceedings while Madonna's coming out party articulates the power of the groove' as 'music' is a 'revelation' and a 'sweet sensation'.

"Only when I’m dancing can I feel this free" reveals Madonna is in charge of her life.

"Tonight I wanna dance with someone else" is another powerful moment and a saucy invitation. 

"Into The Groove" will also be remembered as the pivot when the underground dance music scene moved to the mainstream. 

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  1. Classic Lady Gaga, I mean Madonna. I'm desperately seeking Susan, have you seen her?