Friday, March 15, 2019

#19. "Where The Streets Have No Name" - U2 (1987)

The Edge's guitar chords in the intro always gives me goosebumps. 

"Where The Streets Have No Name" is undeniably one of the 80s great rock anthems, and for me the best of the quality singles from The Joshua Tree album that broke the band in America.  

I thought the single deserved a better video than the official version showing the band playing on a rooftop and shutting down the streets of LA. The video actually does a disservice to the song, ruining the The Edge's opening and iconic riff. 

I've therefore added a video of a more recent concert performance that demonstrates the enormous emotional attachment both band and fans exhibit towards one of U2's finest moments. 

"Streets" came out late in the summer of '87 after I graduated from high school. I remember listening to the tune on my Walkman taking the ferry to Halifax into the unknown on my way to university at SMU, equally hopeful and reticent, but most of all thinking anything is possible.

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