Saturday, March 9, 2019

#27. "Blue Monday" - New Order (1983)

"Blue Monday" sounded nothing like Joy Division. Released three years since New Order formed from the ashes, the number one selling 12" single of all time was the result of an evolution from bleak post-punk to cutting-edge electronic music. 

The song was inspired from the band's desire for an automated excuse to hit the bar early.

"Blue Monday" ended up being an accidental innovation, inspiring electronic music for the mind.

The drum machines and synths do their thing, mostly by accident as the story goes, while Bernard Sumner's sparse guitar and Hook's iconic bass weave in and out of the mix. While the infectious beats almost force you to move your body, Sumner's obtuse lyrics stirs the mind (mine, anyways). 

It's not my favourite track by New Order, but it was the one that reeled me in. 

I used to play this song incessantly but have moved on to a deeper dive and appreciate a few others. But every once in a while I"ll feel the need to crank 'er up and still be in awe that something so futuristic was even possible in 1983.

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  1. Only one of two New Order songs I like but what a great song, especially the extended versions