Monday, March 11, 2019

#24. "Some Like It Hot" - The Powerstation (1985)

This song almost got me hooked on playing the drums. A few years ago I received drumsticks in my stocking and graduated to playing air drums for a few days. But since I sucked at the playing part, the dream quickly evaporated.  

"Some Like It Hot" was the first single of supergroup The Powerstation, composed of two parts Duran Duran (bassist John Taylor and guitarist Andy Taylor), vocalist Robert Palmer and Chic's drummer Tony Thompson. You may recall that Duran split into two side projects: Simon, Nick & Roger went off in the opposite direction with the uber-synth Arcadia.

Featured in the dream sequence in the European Vacation film, the song is a barnstormer from the start to finish. It all begins with that epic drum intro. The polish and energy are through the roof as all the main ingredients roll on and off. 

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  1. Oh I thought it was from the soundtrack of the movie of the same name, silly rabbits, Twix are for kids.