Friday, March 1, 2019

#37. "Don’t You Forget (About Me)" - Simple Minds (1985)

"Don’t You Forget (About Me)" is one of the key anthems for those of us in Generation X.

Surprisingly, The Fixx, Bryan Ferry and Billy Idol all refused to perform the song for The Breakfast Club before Jim Kerr and The Simple Minds were approached. Their loss. The soundtracks of John Hughes' movies are the stuff of legends. 

The track oozes that slightly cheesy, seriously catchy synth-pop new wave vibe that dominated the charts the middle part of the decade. That part from the bridge to the end is the best and I can't help myself playing air drums.


  1. While the song is Ok I'm happy to be a baby boomer, no other generation has destroyed the planet as much as us.

    1. I question your claim that you're a baby boomer.